Keeping It Real Estate

Ep #3: Are These 2019 Real Estate Trends For Real?

A Realtor in Massachusetts put out a prediction of 5 real estate trends to watch out for in 2019. Are these for real? We'll ask Colleen to take a look and let us know if the same trends apply to the Oregon area.

Ep #2: Big Buyer Regrets

Can we learn from the mistakes of others? Of course we can. Let's take look at the top regrets of home buyers so we can be better informed for our next home purchase.

Ep #1: Myths Clients Believe

There are some common myths a lot of clients believe about real estate. We'll dispel those myths on today's show.

Mailbag: Looking Ahead To 2020

Let's see what Colleen anticipates this year will have in store for real estate. What will happen to the real estate market? How will it compare to 2019? We'll examine those questions and more on today's episode.


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