Keeping It Real Estate

Ep #19: Buying A “Flipped” Home

Shows like Flip or Flop are popular these days. And you might be hearing and seeing a lot more commercials about house flipping seminars in your area. We won’t get into the “flipper’s” perspective this time around, however. What about the buyer? Is there anything the buyer should be aware of when purchasing a home that’s been “flipped”?

Ep #18: Real Estate Facts You Can Take To The Bank

Regardless of who you are, how much money you have, when and where you’re going to sell, these are some of the real estate facts you be sure you need to know. Make sure you aren’t left shrugging your shoulders to any of these important issues.

Ep #17: The Home-Selling Checklist

The process of selling your home can seem like a daunting task. Let's break it down into some easy-to-follow steps so it's not as intimidating.

Ep #16: Real Estate Pet Peeves

There are some practices in the real estate world that irk Colleen because they get in the way of a smooth home-buying and home-selling process. Let's go over some of these major real estate pet peeves.

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