Keeping It Real Estate

Ep #23: Features That Will Sell Your Home Faster

Colleen comments on some recent headlines that have come out in the real estate world. How have 55+ communities impacted the real estate market? What are some features that correlate with a home selling faster? We'll analyze those topics and more.

Ep #22: Real Estate Terms To Know

Buying and selling real estate is full of vocabulary terms that can be confusing to someone who doesn't live in that world. Colleen will explain some real estate terms that you might come across, so that you can understand what they mean when you encounter them.

Ep #21: Learning From Past Mistakes

Everybody has to start from somewhere. We'll hear from Colleen about her early experiences in the real estate world and how they shaped her approach today. She'll also give us a gripping story about how she once stopped a real estate scam from taking place.

Ep #20: Foolishness That Makes You Lose The Home

We all make silly mistakes. But you want to avoid any kind of tomfoolery when it comes to buying or selling a home. Let’s cover some of the foolish mistakes people make in real estate so you won’t be left slapping your forehead with that “I can’t believe we just did that” look on your face.

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