Keeping It Real Estate

Ep #31: Mailbag: Avoiding Bidding Wars, Interest Rates, “Build-To-Rent”

Eric asks if he can avoid bidding wars by buying at this time of year. Tiffany wonders how interest rates are affecting the real estate market. Terry wants help with exploring the "build-to-rent" movement.

Ep #30: In The News: Mortgage Debt Increasing Life Expectancy, Optimal AC Temperature, Top Closing Roadblocks

Let's take a look at some popular headlines that have been coming out in the real estate world. What is Colleen's take on them?

Ep #29: Buyer Priorities

We'll analyze a study of home buyers to see what priorities they usually have, and what priorities they should have when they are looking for a home.

Ep #28: Ask Your Agent The Right Questions

We'll go over some strategies for finding a real estate agent that fits your needs. Make sure that you are asking the right questions and looking for the right qualifications.

Ep #27: Real Estate Mythbusting

There can be some conflicting statements out there in the real estate world. There can also be statements that are generally accepted as "true" even though they may not be. Let's take a look at some common sayings and strategies and determine if they are legitimate or just a myth.

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