Keeping It Real Estate

Ep #35: Closing Recap: Selling Home For Other Expenses

This week, Colleen tells us a story about a couple she recently worked with that needed to sell their home in order to support their growing family.

Ep #34: 10 Secrets To Fetch Top Dollar

We'll get Colleen's thoughts on a recent article about how to fetch top dollar for your home.

Ep #33: Mailbag: Narrowing Your Search, Selling High, Who To Hire First

Carl needs help getting pickier with his housing search. Carol asks if the housing market has reached its selling peak or if it will go higher. Darren wonders who he should hire first when he wants to buy a home.

Ep #32: Common Lighting Mistakes

Colleen discusses some recent headlines about mistakes people make with lighting their home, and some mortgage closing statistics.

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