Keeping It Real Estate

Ep #40: Things That Scare Buyers

In honor of Halloween recently happening, let's look at some things in that could scare off a buyer if you have them in your home.

Ep #39: Does This Actually Happen?

We'll throw out some real estate scenarios and see if they are ones that Colleen routinely experiences in the area.

Ep #38: Horrifying Decorative Trends

In honor of Halloween approaching, let's take a look at a recent article that described some horrifying decorative trends in modern homes.

Ep #37: Upgrades That Millennials Don’t Want

There are all sorts of studies out there about millennials and their preferences compared to previous generations. Let's take a look at a study that examined which house upgrades millennials tend to dislike.

Ep #36: In The News: Mortgage Debt Increasing Life Expectancy, Optimal AC Temperature, Top Closing Roadblocks

Let's take a look at some popular headlines that have been coming out in the real estate world. What is Colleen's take on them?

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