Keeping It Real Estate

Ep 48: In The News: Mortgage Debt Increasing Life Expectancy, Optimal AC Temperature, Top Closing Roadblocks

Let's take a look at some popular headlines that have been coming out in the real estate world. What is Colleen's take on them?

Ep 47: What Millennial Buyers Don’t Want

There are all sorts of studies out there about millennials and their preferences compared to previous generations. Let's take a look at a study that examined which house upgrades millennials tend to dislike.

Ep 46: Buying With Kids - Some Common Regrets

If you’re thinking about buying a home in the near future and you have a couple of kids or two, take some time to think about the following regrets those who have come before you have experienced.

Ep 45: End Of Year Real Estate Headlines

As the year (and the decade!) wind down, let's take a look at some prominent real estate headlines that are popping up about recent trends and expected market shifts in 2020. Listen to Colleen's take on these headlines.

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