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Ep 57: Is the Coronavirus Impacting Real Estate?

So many people across the country are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak from an emotional and financial aspect. But what has it done to the real estate market? Colleen will provide an update on Oregon real estate trends and what she’s seeing from buyers and sellers right now.


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Today's show rundown: 

0:52 – How is everyone handling the coronavirus?

1:49 – Businesses have to adapt and evolve during these times. This is where Colleen’s team is focusing.

4:07 – We’re all trying to make it through each day as things change so quickly.

4:53 – An interesting stat on real estate in 2020 versus 2019.

6:12 – Now is a great time to find out the value of your home and here’s an easy way to do it.
7:45 – Property ownership can provide equity and give you financial flexibility.  

Ep 56: Real Estate Trends for 2020 and the Decade Ahead

A recent survey turned up a number of interesting statistics regarding real estate and homeownership over the next decade. What do the numbers mean? And is there a buying opportunity on the horizon?


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Today's rundown: 

0:34 – A recent survey revealed a mass exodus for homeowners that will create a lot of movement in the decade ahead.

2:00 – First big takeaway: Almost half of homeowners plan to move to a new home during this decade.

3:13 – Here’s why they’re moving.  

3:48 – A quarter of millennial homeowners are thinking about going back to renting.  

6:09 – Another big takeaway: Only 1 in 10 renters plan to buy a home in 2020. What does Colleen do to help renters feel more comfortable about buying?

7:15 – Here’s how the process works if you’re considering a home purchase.

8:26 – Homeownership isn’t as tough as you might think it is.

Ep 55: Top Real Estate Fears for Buyers & Sellers

Deciding to buy or sell a home can be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life and that brings a certain level of worry with it. It’s natural to have concerns during the process but a good real estate agent will guide you through those and help alleviate your concerns. Let’s look at the most common fears we hear from buyers and sellers and how to deal with them.


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Today's rundown: 

0:41 – Fear is a common feeling during the home buying process.

1:48 – Buyers worry they can’t afford their ideal home.

3:12 – Sellers worry that the sales price will be too low and won’t reflect the home’s value.

4:49 – Buyers are afraid they’ll buy a home they won’t enjoy in the long run.

6:15 – Sellers worry about the buyer backing out of the deal and having to start all over again.

7:53 – Fearing the home inspection revealing costly repairs.

10:20 – The cumulative worry after all the fears pile up.

13:50 – This home buying starter guide will help.

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