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Ep 58: How Home Buying Process Has Changed During Coronavirus Crisis

Industries around the world have changed the way they do business because of coronavirus health concerns. The same can be said for real estate, where many pieces of the home buying process have gone remote or virtual, Let’s take a look at how things have changed over the past month.

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Today's show rundown: 

1:33 – Find an agent who values keeping you safe.

3:05 – How we’re giving virtual and video home tours.

4:41 – Social distancing when showing a house.

5:24 – Remote mortgages are now happening.

6:52 – Remote home inspections are being offered by some businesses.

8:53 – Remote appraisals have increased in popularity and we’ve seen this.

10:07 - How are closings being done?

11:05 - Don’t forget to get your house cleaned before you move in.


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