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Ep 66: Emerging Behaviors During Pandemic

How is the pandemic changing the way buyers and sellers are behaving? A recent study found seven different trends emerging due to COVID-19 and they could impact real estate over the long-term. Let’s find out whether Colleen agrees with each of these behaviors and how they’ll impact Oregon.


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On today's show: 

1:26 – Buyers are rushing

3:51 – Shifting wishlists

5:47 – Less concern over commute time

6:35 – Multi-generational homes becoming more common

7:35 – Pets could drive purchasing decision

9:12 – Prepare for a first-time buyer wave

11:28 – People might stay in their homes fewer years

Ep 65: Reacting to the Latest Real Estate Headlines

As we survey the landscape of real estate, three recent headlines jumped out at us about selling homes. Join us as we get Colleen’s reaction to each of them and find out if Oregon is seeing the same trends.


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On today's show: 

0:29 – The market needs more inventory.

3:25 – First headline: Is this is the best time in years to sell?

6:35 – Best way to get started if you want to sell.

7:44 – 2nd headline: How agents can avoid communication problems.  

10:57 – Driving for a win-win deal for both parties.

14:40 – 3rd headline: What’s motivating moves right now?

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