Keeping It Real Estate

Ep 70: Best Pieces of Real Estate Advice

We all turn to friends and family for advice when it comes to buying and selling a home. It’s one of the biggest life events we’ll experience so it’s important to get it right. Today we’ll find out what advice real estate veteran Colleen has given and received through the years that she would pass along to you.


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What we discuss on this show: 

1:03 – The best piece of advice you give clients about the mortgage process

3:37 – Best advice you’ve received about running a business

5:36 – Best advice about marketing a home

7:27 – Best advice you ever received about negotiating 

9:22 – Best advice you give to clients about physically moving into a new home

11:50 – Best advice for communicating with clients 

Ep 69: How Sellers Should Prepare for Home Inspections

A home inspection can create a lot of anxiety and worry for the seller but there are steps you can take to make the process go much smoother. Today we’ll share some of the things we tell our clients to do before the inspection takes place.


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What we discuss on this show: 

2:37 – Make some space for the inspector to get in there.

5:54 – Think about nuances to tell the inspector about. 

6:49 – Make sure all lightbulbs are working. 

8:20 – Beware of the small stuff. 

10:13 – Get mentally prepared.

12:23 – Trust your agent. 

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