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Ep 78: Real Estate Realities of 2021

Real estate enjoyed a strong year in 2020 and many are asking us if these trends will continue this year. Today we’ll look at the one national opinion on the realities of 2021 and tell you whether we think they’ll apply to Oregon and the Northwest.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

1:43 – Low inventory and high demand  

2:32 – The market won’t pay top dollar over-priced and dated homes.

3:21 – Investors will focus on over-priced/dated homes.

6:34 – Transactions will become even more accelerated

8:31 – Leasebacks will be more popular

11:04 – Appraisal challenges continue  

13:24 – Markets will undergo major changes

Ep 77: Smart Home Technology Upgrades + Other Mailbag Questions

Technology continues to move fast in the home improvement sector and many people are considering upgrades to their home. Is it worth the time and money to add smart home technology? We’ll answer that question and discuss long market listings, marketing during COVID, and downsizing.


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What we discuss on this episode:

0:35 – Mailbag question on smart home technology

2:43 – Mailbag question on listings that stay on the market a long time

5:52 – Mailbag question on marketing homes during COVID

8:07 – Mailbag question on downsizing

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