Keeping It Real Estate

Ep 68: The Importance of Social Media When Selling a Home

September 17, 2020

Today we open up the mailbag for a couple of listener questions, which got us into a great discussion on the value of social media when it comes to marketing your home. Find out where Colleen stands on this strategy.


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What we discuss today: 

0:37 – The Benson team is growing.

3:08  Mailbag Question #1: I wanted to sell my house fast and easy like I heard about in commercials, where I don’t have to list my house and they’ll just buy it straight from me. None of these businesses are returning my calls. Is this still possible?

6:40Mailbag Question #2: My good friend is a realtor but she’s not big into social media. I’ve heard you talk about the importance of advertising a home on social media. Would I be missing out if we used my friend as an agent?